Hatch & Sons has been enthusiastically buying, selling, and trading fine European motor cars since 1970 including Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ferrari and BMW. Currently located in Hudson, MA (01749), Hatch & Sons is world-renowned for their restoration of Mercedes-Benz vehicles from their prior location of Wayland, MA (now Bentley Boston) as well as excellent service. They now buy, sell, trade, and consign fine European automobiles. Their specialty is low-mileage, original, pristine cars usually from the mid to late 1900s. This includes collectible, special, used cars that are the best available. Hatch & Sons really began back in Bob Hatch' s garage in the late 60' s as a hobby after returning home from the Air Force. He had his three sons - Ken, David, and Jimmy helping him out as they took overlooked American cars and made them look and drive like new again. In 1969, he purchased his first Mercedes-Benz - a 1961 220SE. As he began to work on it, he couldn' t help but notice the incredible attention to detail and overall workmanship put into the car. In 1973 after owning various Mercedes sedans, he had the opportunity to purchase his first SL - a 1967 230SL which he then restored. This spurred a new ideal and soon he was enticed into the brand. At the time, he worked for Xerox and while he enjoyed his work he was looking for something more after 21 years there. This fostered the idea of Hatch & Sons, and in 1987 the dream finally became a reality when he opened the business in Hudson, MA. It started with Bob, his wife Sandy, and his sons Kenny and Jimmy. In a short time the business grew exponentially as sales, restoration, service, and number of employees increased. The passion of the Hatch family and the pursuit of perfection was the key to their success. As the business grew Bob's son, David joined and they quickly ran out of room and realized the need for a larger facility. In 1995 Bob struck a deal and purchased a 25,000 square-foot facility in Wayland, Massachusetts. As the 21st century turned, the business was still growing along with their reputation. Hatch & Sons soon turned into one of, if not the most reputable restoration shop's for Mercedes-Benz in the world. The business continued to grow and be successful into 2005 - however, Bob and Sandy were nearing retirement and when they received an offer they could not refuse the business was sold to Foreign Motors West. Bob and Sandy went into retirement and the Hatch legacy seemed to be over. Yet, Bob soon realized that retirement was not all it was cracked up to be, and he quickly grew tired of the lack of work. His dream was re-realized when he purchased the original building in Hudson, Massachusetts, for his next endeavor. After a complete restoration of the old building, Bob, his son Jimmy, and his grandson Chris were ready for a new beginning. While they no longer offer their service or restoration expertise, they instead buy and sell the finest European automobiles in the world. They do not do the same amount of volume as they once did, but are still committed to bringing you the most rare and special European motor cars in the world. Their reputation for excellence and pursuit of perfection will leave you a satisfied customer. With over thirty years of experience in the business, they have gained the knowledge and experience that is needed to bring the customer the finest automobiles in the world. Since 1973, Bob has owned more than one-hundred and twenty-five 230, 250, and 280SL's and serviced and restored many more for his customers. Hatch & Sons has truly become the authority on 113 SL' s. You ask may be asking yourself, "Why Hatch & Sons rather than somewhere else?" Simply put, we buy the best of the best. Our specialty is low-mileage, original, pristine Mercedes-Benz & Porsche Automobiles along with some Ferrari, BMW, and other fine European cars as well. We don't just purchase any car - we purchase cars that we ourselves would love to own and that meet our own high standards. After receiving an automobile we give it a complete and thorough detail as well as servicing the car to our high standards so that it is like new when we sell it to you. Our goal is for every one of our customers to be completely satisfied with our product. With over thirty years of experience, we have become a recognized and prestigious dealership that you can have confidence in.

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